Duchang Shipyard Co., Ltd, which was previously a state-owned company, can be traced back to the year of 1950. In the early 1970s, the company became one of the steel-ship builders authorized by the Ministry of Communications. The company has been honored many times by the Ministry of Communications, by the Provincial Government and by the Municipal Government for its good management and the high quality of its products. In 2001, the company was recapitalized and restructured, which has brought itself more talents and funds and has improved its management and capacity.

   The shipyard is located on the northern shore of Poyang Lake, at Longshanwan Bend of the West River of Duchang County. The waterway between the shipyard and the Yangtze River is only 56km. The shipyard covers an area of 139,000©O and the shoreline is 605 meters long. In April 2009, the new plant came into use. The facilities of the new plant include two building berths where two 8000DWT ships can be built at the same time, two undercover berths for 3000DWT ships, one hull-steel fabricating shop, one metalworking shop and all kinds of warehouse. In addition, two building berths for 16000DWT ships are to be built. The plant is equipped with ZC-6000 CNC plasma cutting machine, QC12Y-16£¦#215;3200 CNC shearing machine and WD67Y-200/3200 digital bending machine. Altogether, there are more than 400 sets of ship-building equipment and there are also three outfitting docks with 16T truck crane and 100T gantry crane. All these have greatly lifted the shipyard¡¯s building capacity.

   The total staff of the company is 661, including 36 engineers, 16 skilled technicians, 106 welders (of whom 34 have Class III ship welder certificates, 56 have Class II ship welder certificates, 3 have ship automatic welder certificates, 2 are carbon dioxide gas shielded welders). The fixed asset of the company is 52 million Yuan RMB and the annual production capacity is 380,000DWT, with the gross output value being 160 million Yuan RMB and the main business income being 130 million Yuan RMB.

   In May 2008, the company passed the quality control system authentication conducted by Beijing Zhenyexing Management System Certification Co., Ltd (Certificate number: 11908Q10307ROS). The certification covers the designing, building, repairing and structural steelwork of river vessels, coastal vessels and international voyage vessels.

   In Feb 2010, the company was awarded the Grade A Class III steel-ship building qualification by the Ministry of Communications (Certificate number: 2010-001).

   In Sept 2010, the company was authorized by the Waterway Administration of Jiangxi Province to be one of the Inland Ship Standardization Old Ship Dissembling Plants.

   In order to meet the needs of the changing market, the company has been dedicated to developing new products by improving technology and quality. The company¡¯s products mainly include the following steel vessels: 500DWT Class I tanker, 1200DWT Class I tanker, 1000DWT chemical tanker, 65m ore handling ship, 90m oil pontoon, 1000m3 split hopper barge, 150m3~250m3 suction dredge, 5800DWT Class I ocean tanker, 128TEU container carrier, 298TEU container carrier, 5000DWT bulk carrier, 5000DWT bulk dual-purpose vessel, 200T lifting boat, 75m dual floating crane and 3000HP tugboat. The vessels built from the company¡¯s own design include 26m river patrol boat, 50T fishery patrol boat, 98-seat passenger catamaran, 150HP anchor handling boat, 60m floating crane barge and 65m chemical pierhead pontoon. All the products passed the corresponding CCS, ZC or ZY survey and were highly praised by the users.

   Duchang Shipyard Co., Ltd is willing to establish mutual-beneficial and honest business relationship with you.

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